A tick off my Bucket List!

With a career spanning 30 odd years in dental nursing, theatre nursing and finally in education & training, I never actually thought I would ever get ‘owning a business/shop’ ticked off my bucket list! 

No.26 was born as a result of Government cutbacks and ‘voluntary’ redundancies, which led to me relocating back to the Isle of Wight where I settled down and married a yummy man, who just happened to be a crush I had at High School!   With no family on the Island and few friends, I hit the ground running when it came to setting up the shop.   Let’s be honest – anyone can own a business, but it is the customers who make a business what it has the potential to become.  Being mindful of that it makes sense to look after patrons, offering them excellent customer service and attention. 

What is No.26’s USP (Unique Selling Point?)  – we are a small, independent boutique-style shop, selling quality home accessories and gifts. I pride myself on high standards and rarely order more than 4 of any one item. As a result, the more unique items are quickly ‘rehomed’ and the shop stock is always expanding to include new and fresh ideas for interiors and outside spaces. 

We are budget conscious and respect that most people do not have unlimited funds on which to splurge, so the chances are that for any occasion, you will find that perfect something to give to someone or buy for yourself that will be affordable. 

If you are looking for something in particular, you can make an appointment to pay us a visit and take a look through my suppliers items and I will order for you with a 50% deposit, with the rest on delivery or collection.  If you are not on the Island we can do this on Facetime or I can send you a pre-selected list based on your wants and the item can be delivered directly to you. 

Christmas Shop – No.26 turns into Dingly Dell on or around the first Wednesday in November.  We have baubles, shiny and bright, lights, gifts, mini trees and so much more….you will need to come and see. 

Now in its third year, I hope that No.26 continues to slowly grow a loyal customer base who will enable the shop to become a long standing part of  Island life and the amazing people who make up its Communities. 

Please take some time to browse and if you have any feedback on improvements of stock ideas, I would be happy to receive an email from you.