What can No. 26 do for you?

I didn’t just want No.26 to be just a shop. I like the idea of finding something ‘preloved’ and getting it so lovely that it can be ‘reloved’. So one of the services I provide is that of refurbished second hand furniture.

One of the most popular items asked for are sets of tables and chairs. I will usually have a set, painted and primed in the middle of the shop waiting for its new owner to rock up and buy.

However I also do commission pieces. You choose the piece and I paint in a style and paint of your choosing.

Here are the other services I can provide:

  • I will paint your own furniture items in the colour and style of your choice. POA plus materials.
  • Following an initial assessment and at an agreed time, I can come to your property and do the painting if the item is a large piece or an entire kitchen if you decide you cannot afford a new one and you just want the doors painted!
  • If you are looking for anything in particular, you can always discuss your requirements and at an agreed time you are welcome to look at my wholesale catalogues for pieces which I will be happy to get in for you*.
  • All larger items purchased will be delivered to your home for freeā€¦as long as it’s on the Isle of Wight!

However, if you are holidaying on our glorious Isle, and live on the Mainland, I can arrange for delivery too, so please ask me for a quote.

* Terms & Conditions apply